Timeless Design – Quality Over Quantity


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A timeless design is a good design that has withstood the test of time. Timeless designs go hand in hand with quality products. Good quality clothes have a different kind of grace in them. They look more attractive, appealing and tend to be more comfortable. When you touch, you can feel the quality in the fabric. However, we often fall for clothes and accessories with lower price tags, just because they are cheap. What many don’t understand is that buying cheap clothes is too expensive. So how to choose good quality clothes?

Of course, quality clothes come with higher price tags, but they last longer. So the money you spend makes you look and feel pretty good while you wear them. It comes down to buying less cheap products and spending money smartly on fewer, but nice things that last a long time.


And it’s not just the long-lasting clothes with timeless designs that you get when you choose quality products over fast fashion. There are many other benefits for you as a customer when you purchase a quality garment:

Nature-Friendly Manufacturing Process

The best part about buying quality clothes is that you unknowingly join hands to save the earth. Most cheap quality products are prepared using the harmful chemicals and the fabric used is grown using pesticides. But that’s not the case with quality products. The trusted brands use natural dyes, organically grown cotton and follow the process that is not harmful to the earth and the environment.

You’ve Got Something Unique

Quality products usually have a limited production number. So, you can be sure that the pair of jeans that you wear are of limited stock and not everyone out there is looking like you. Big and trusted brands offer high quality of craftsmanship that is distinguishable just by the fact they use far less harmful manufacturing process or methods compared to cheaper manufacturing.

Quality Fabrics

The leading and trusted global brands only use the finest quality materials and are very specific when buying it from their suppliers. The purpose of this is to create garments that are comfortable and look timeless. It also means that the fabric you are wearing is organic. If you are further interested which fabrics to prefer, check out this article.

Durability & Long Lasting

This is one of the biggest benefits of using or buying quality clothes. These clothes are prepared using the finest quality materials and proven manufacturing methods. This means that the clothes last longer, which is a better and more economical option than buying fast fashion or cheap clothing items. This means you may be sure that you won’t lose your clothes’ shape, colour saturation or look after washing it.

Strict Waste Disposal Guidelines Followed

The cheap brands, that manufacture clothes in the slums or in the local industrial areas of developing countries, hardly bother about the guidelines or environmental regulations by the local authorities or global. Nor do they care about the workforce. On the other hand, the quality and reputable brands are very concerned about their public image. Hence they are always following waste disposal guidelines and have good working conditions. This is a starting point towards achieving environmental sustainability.


So, if you are planning to go shopping for any occasion, make sure that you only go with quality clothes and accessories and not the cheap ones because the cheap is too expensive. Make the timeless design decision!


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