THE WYLDE Takes Sustainable Fashion To The Next Level

the wylde, sustainable fashion, australian design

We’re living in a world with new generations, new thinking, new concerns and modern values. Since everyone is enjoying the advantages of modern living and technology, global warming and other natural problems are turning into the biggest concern for the global population. Therefore it starts making sense turning to the brands and businesses that promote eco-friendly and natural products.

Since the fashion industry is one of the leading global industries, THE WYLDE takes the responsibility to let you join the better, healthier and greener tomorrow with sustainable, eco-friendly fashion apparel and accessories.

Turning to sustainability does not just enable THE WYLDE to support the ‘Green Revolution’. They also provide their consumers with the latest styles and designs at lower prices. 


What’s Special About THE WYLDE?

the wylde, sustainable fashion, australian design

The brands’ principle is reducing the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides in the manufacturing of clothing. It aligns with the more concerned modern generation that is all about saving Mother Nature. THE WYLDE is a trusted eco-conscious and sustainable fashion- and lifestyle brand. It’s backed by enthusiastic and energetic youngsters, who aim to change the way people see fashion today to a focus on tomorrow.

The sustainable fashion products by THE WYLDE are not designed for a specific generation, gender or nationality. They are for everyone. The brand was born through the passion to bring life to clothing. With a strong focus on the impact we can make to redefine the values of fashion through sustainable design. After all, fashion and textile industry is the most polluting after the oil industry, because each stage of a garment’s life cycle threatens our planet. This is why THE WYLDE came into existence – to eliminate the harmful process and to contribute to the healthier tomorrow, without letting you compromise with fashion.

The sole aim of the foundation of THE WYLDE was to make things possible to those who seek to live an inspired and intentional life.



The person behind this brand

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She’s a renowned Australian designer, photographer and artist – Lucette Romy. She launched the brand in 2016 with a great collection of eco-conscious and sustainable fashion apparel. The collection was carefully crafted from natural and raw materials. The designers at THE WYLDE have continued to maintain those goals ever since.

Lucette Romy works with talented artisans from Indonesia. Not only use they natural plant dye methods but also have their own process to grow and weave the organic cotton that is then used in THE WYLDE design process.

Their designers are not just creating fashion apparel that will last for years. They also aim to pave the runway with progressive production methods. Those methods are not involving any kind of harmful chemicals or pesticides and innovative textile inventions. Who said environmental sustainability and luxury fashion couldn’t mix?

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