Talking to Agathe Bodineau, Creator of L.L.Y. Atelier

By Audrey Stanton

A few weeks ago we showcased the brand L.L.Y. Atelier and its nature-inspired jewellery
pieces. This week we caught up with designer and founder Agathe Bodineau. We’re grateful for
the time she took to answer our questions and tell us her unique story! Over email, she was
able to share with us how the company came to be and what makes it different.

What was the inspiration or catalyst for the founding of L.L.Y. Atelier?

The line was born in a very organic way, without an official launching or a first collection. It was
a series of pieces that were born from a need to experiment with jewellery and metalwork, rather
than the desire to have a commercial venture. L.L.Y. Atelier came to life very slowly and without
too much calculation, but with time it became stronger and more focused.

Why is sustainability important to you?

I think it is just a reality that things need to change; we all have to observe how we work and
how we can improve things at our level.

How do you hold yourself accountable as a conscious designer?

I make the effort to only work with local producers and suppliers for all my metalwork. I know I
could find better pricing or faster turnaround if I did work abroad but we can all choose to do
small (or big) things to participate in sustainability efforts.

What is the fashion project you are most proud of thus far?

There are a few things I am proud of having achieved, such as a collaboration with Maison
Marie Saint Pierre, and being a finalist for The Future of Fashion Prize… As a designer, I really
try to push each collection further as a personal achievement, to be more satisfied with every
series that goes out into the world.

Favourite L.L.Y. Atelier motto or quote?

I had to think of that one quite a bit, but I think I would say “trust your instinct”. The fashion world
is full of rules, schedules and the ways things “should” be done. In this highly standardized
world, it is important to keep true to your desires and instincts as a designer and artist. It is quite
easy to get lost between social media requirements, comparing yourself to other brands,
promotion, and marketing strategies, etc. The reason why I have a brand is that I do really feel
the desire to design objects and I have to remind myself of this sometimes and grow
accordingly, trusting my instincts about how to do things!

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