sustainable fashion Techniques

Sustainable Fashion Techniques

Sustainability is important in any industry. This includes the fashion industry. Let’s look at some techniques used in the fashion industry helping it to be more sustainable and eco-friendlier.

Quality products 

Firstly, fashion houses can focus on the life cycle of their products produced. The longer the lifecycle or the longer an item lasts, the less of an environmental footprint it leaves. This is also an advantage to fashion houses, as they are seen as a quality brand. In this case, fashion houses can be seen as ‘eco-friendly’ or socially responsible.

Raw materials

Another sustainable fashion technique is manufacturing fashion items from raw materials. Organic materials, such as 100% organic cotton, make items more expensive but also give higher quality. Once again, this helps achieve sustainability and minimize their eco-footprint.

Focusing on the raw materials used to manufacture fashion items is also a technique used in the fashion industry. Organic materials such as 100% organic cotton is used making items more expensive but of higher quality. Once again, this helps achieve sustainability and minimize their eco-footprint.


Thirdly, a technique used in the fashion industry is using items that can be recycled. Instead of relying on new resources or raw materials all the time. A good example of this is recyclable wool. Sheep shearing reduces drastically, minimizing such companies’ impact on the ecological system.

Eco-Friendly Dyeing Techniques

Clothes and other fashion items come in all sorts of different colors. Fashion houses reduce their effect on the environment by implementing eco-friendly dyeing techniques. This also means using dye that is more expensive, but less harmful to the environment.

Zero Waste Cutting

Fifthly, designers can employ ‘zero waste cutting’ techniques. It reduces their carbon footprint by eliminating most, if not all of the materials and resources, that usually go to waste during fashion production. This increase in efficiency can really help a fashion house to be sustainable. 

Consumer Awareness

Lastly, government, legislation and fashion houses can make consumers aware of their social responsibility. Supporting eco-fashion rather than ‘fast fashion’, where so many resources and items are initially wasted. It’s either in the production stage or afterward, chucked away and replaced after only a very short period. By doing so, consumers and companies can be legislated to help create and sustain eco-friendly fashion – even though they are not wearing dresses from paper or corn starch.

Do you have any other sustainable fashion techniques in your mind? Share it with us, we’d love to hear from you!


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