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Are you interested in how to upcycle things? Or what is the difference between upcycled and recycled? Here is the reading list for February to educate yourself in the field of sustainable fashion:

1. Slower Style: The Amazing Future of Sustainable Fashion

Not so fast, fashion. Designs and prices out of control, only one thing can save the fashion industry: Slower Style. Bringing together the best ideas about sustainable fashion, minimalism, and conscious consumerism, slower style is the trend that is here to stay. Explore the best and worst parts of the sustainable fashion industry with Allie Frownfelter.


2. Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion showcases the global fashion industry’s efforts to reduce the negative impacts associated with fashion production and consumption. Illustrated throughout with infographics, photographs and diagrams of creative works, eighteen essays focus on six regions, examining sustainable fashion in the context of local, cultural and environmental concerns. Also included are 18 regional Spotlight sections highlighting the differences and similarities across regions by concentrating on examples of best practice, design innovation and impact on the community.


3. The Future of Fashion: Understanding Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Not many people understand how the current fashion industry is damaging our environment. The Future of Fashion will provide you with the opportunity to uncover this well-kept secret. But, more importantly, The Future of Fashion will show you why there is still hope for the fashion industry. Tyler discusses the current trends happening right now in sustainable fashion, combined with the most cutting edge research available. The Future of Fashion will move you to the core and help you understand, how you can make a difference in the environment through sustainable fashion.


4. Overdressed

Cline sets out to uncover the true nature of the cheap fashion juggernaut. What are we doing with all these cheap clothes? And more importantly, what are they doing to us, our society, our environment, and our economic well-being?


5. Sustainable Fashion: Consumer Awareness and Education (Textile Science and Clothing Technology)

This book uses case studies to discuss consumer awareness of and education on sustainable fashion. It highlights how some brands have started using consumer awareness tags to educate consumers on the use of their products. (E.g. which machine cycle and temperature they should use to wash their products. As well as the best drying conditions in terms of environmental sustainability). Consumer awareness of and knowledge on sustainable fashion is the crux of customer-centric sustainability, and several NGOs and even brands have started taking essential steps to promote this.


6. Fashion Made Fair: Modern-Innovative-Sustainable

Fashion Made Fair: Modern-Innovative-Sustainable book, finest fashion site, finestfashionsiteSustainability is in fashion right now and designers are taking note. With an ever-growing number of environmentally conscious consumers at hand, the fashion industry is responding to demands. For products that are both beautiful and resource efficient. This book showcases the work of today’s designers who are doing just that. It features up-and-coming designers and established brands from all over the world. Chosen for their ability to manufacture wearable, highly covetable clothing while also contributing to better working conditions, protecting the environment, and applying innovative design techniques or materials.


7. Sustainable Fashion: Why Now?: A Conversation Exploring Issues, Practices, and Possibilities

Through a collection of specially commissioned essays, Sustainable Fashion: Why Now? examines the issues of sustainability. Most importantly what designers, product developers, and consumers confront as they go about their business of creating, wearing, and recycling clothing and fashion. In a broader sense, the book considers what “sustainability” means alongside “fashion”. Two seemingly contradictory concepts, as fashion is all about change, and sustainability is all about preservation.


8. Shaping Sustainable Fashion: Changing the Way We Make and Use Clothes

Based on the results of extensive research into lifecycle approaches to sustainable fashion, the book is divided into four sections:

  • Source: explores the motivations for the selection of materials for fashion garments. In addition, suggests that garments can be made from materials that also assist in the management of textile waste.
  • Make: discusses the different approaches to the design. Moreover, the manufacture of sustainable fashion garments, that can also provide the opportunity for waste control and minimization.
  • Use: explores schemes that encourage the consumer to engage in slow fashion consumption.
  • Last: examines alternative solutions to the predictable fate of most garments – landfill.

Illustrated throughout with case studies of best practice from international designers and fashion labels. Written in a practical, accessible style, this is a must-have guide for fashion and textile designers and students in their areas.


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