London Fashion Week

Key tips to attend London Fashion Week

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For any fashionista, the most awaited time of the year is the London Fashion Week which is one of the big four fashion weeks in the entire world. Getting into the streets of London Fashion Week is not easy and survival through this hectic week is again a tiring job. But when it comes to fashion, we fashionistas hardly thing about tireness right?

So, here is your guide to attend London Fashion Week.

  1. Prep yourself in advance:
    Yes, you definitely have to prepare yourself and your name on those list if you want to attend London Fashion Week. Research Well! Check out their website few weeks prior to the event and start making your contact with designers, press, media or anybody who can help you out!
  2. Plan your day strategically:
    More than one fashion event takes place even day during London Fashion Week. If you are planning to attend a few of them, make sure that you have mapped out all the show timings strategically. Note down the show time and don’t forget to inform the organisers of the show about your presence to avoid last minute queue. PS! A good idea to stay planned is to invest into planner: 
  3. Dress up to be you:
    To an event like London Fashion Week, the biggest melodrama is what to wear. But when it comes to dressing up for such a huhe event, always remember to be you. Don’t pretend to be somebody else, instead wear what defines you!
  4. Create contacts:
    If you want to be a part of the fashion world, you need contacts to survive here and what can be a better place to make contact than London Fashion Week. Talk to people, be social with them and the most important part- have a great time!

PS! Get yourself a business card before going- it is the easiest way to make long lasting connections.


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