Fashion Nova- the Most Searched Fashion Brand in 2018

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Richard Saghian, creator of Fashion Nova, opened the first Fashion Nova store in 2006 at the Panorama Mall on California. In 2013 he started noticing that there were websites that sold the same products as his but with higher prices. So he decided to use social media platform Instagram to get more directly to people. There were many of his customers using Instagram to show off their clothes prior to him working with them directly. He had over 60,000 followers before he even launched the site. After the website launched in 2013, it sold out of everything over the course of a weekend. As Fashion Nova began making more money he started getting celebrities like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner to advertise his brand on Instagram.

Fashion Nova logo

The reason why Fashion Nova is taking the fashion world by storm is that it’s not following any rules. It’s not trying to cater to an extravagant, young, civilized, slender customer. They create fashions that are affordable, age-friendly and street chic. They want their customers to feel adventurous, sexy, classy, and most importantly confident. That’s why they create clothing that fits every body type. They have size range from extra small to 3X. They are always finding ways to expand their brand by creating fashion for every occasion. Today they have over 19 million followers and every day they are gaining more clientele.

Kylie Jenner wearing pink suit

Despite of the “glamorous” side of the ultrafast label Fashion Nova, it’s crazy that people still don’t recognize the awful affects of the fast-fashion industry. We can give them credit for the marketing and influencer-usability skills, but nonetheless…

Fashion can’t be blind Asia Pacific

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