Re/Done – Innovating Denim of the Past

By: Audrey Stanton

Re/Done is a luxury denim company focused on repurposing authentic vintage Levi’s jeans. It is more than a brand, but a movement towards individuality, sustainable denim, and the preservation of vintage. Re/Done uses three words to describe their jeans: iconic, sustainable, and individual. Every pair has a personality of its own.

Vintage Stories

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There is a large emphasis on stories from the Re/Done website. Each pair of their jeans has its own story of previous owners, as well as of the people who made the repurposed pair. Tales of the hands which have touched each garment can be found woven into every unique garment. Many customers look at vintage as a negative or unhygienic option, though the past can be incredibly beautiful! The history of denim is rich, just like the history of every vintage pair of denim pants.

Creative Sustainability

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The brand manufactures its innovative jeans entirely in Downtown Los Angeles. Throughout the production process, the company makes sure to conserve water and leave out harsh chemicals. Most denim clothing today uses detrimental amounts of water and toxic chemicals, making Re/Done a fantastic exception. In addition, the brand creates its products in small batches because each pair is handmade and one of a kind. This approach cuts down on textile waste, which is a huge problem in the fashion industry.

Modern Style by Re/Done


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In the beginning, Re/Done had one classic mid-rise skinny jean, yet now sells a multitude of styles. The online ship currently provides shorts, dresses, and even tops made out of vintage denim. The brand defines itself as a luxury label ‘born online and grown as an e-commerce brand.’ Re/Done not only innovates denim production but purchasing these garments as well. Their system replaces a time-old tradition of a denim tailor, without losing that personal touch. Each pre-loved pair has ‘vintage character and modern fit,’ helping them to stand out in a sea of fashion options.

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