Peony – Aligning with Nature

By Audrey Stanton

Peony is a luxury swimwear company based in Australia. Although founded in 2012, the brand began its journey towards sustainability in 2017. Since then, the #peonyhouse has been working towards bridging the gap between luxury fashion and sustainable fashion. Founder Rebecca Morton and her family run the business with a passion for the environment in mind. The Peony team believes that clothing made for the outdoors should be made with respect for nature. Because Rebecca and her family love the beautiful beaches of Australia, it seems right that they help to preserve them. Through their carefully selected materials and thoughtful methods, the brand is taking consistent steps towards healthier fashion.


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The luxury swimwear line uses various eco-conscious materials for their garments. For most of their pieces, the brand utilizes Econyl®. Peony boasts that the innovative material is helping to clean up waste instead of adding to it. Econyl® is 100% regenerative and made of abandoned fishing nets and nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world. The family team also works with mills to incorporate GRS certified recycled content to create their textured fabric. GRS certified means ‘Global Recycle Standard’ and confirms a garment does have the recycled materials it claims to. To top it all off, the fabric used to create Peony swimsuits meets 100% Oeko Tex Standard 100. Their newest capsule collection, which launched in May of this year, consists of entirely recycled and sustainable materials.

Peony’s thoughtful use of materials extends to their packaging as well. The brand uses compostable and biodegradable packaging. Their packaging is made of 100% recycled. These changes have reduced their single-use plastic consumption by 86%.


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The Australian brand takes pride in how their garments are made, in addition to what they are made out of. The SA8000® Standard approves of their swimwear supplier. This means that the leading social standard for factories and organizations worldwide certified their partners. Because they are an independent, ‘family-owned-and-run’ business, Peony can make executive decisions without having to consult stakeholders or outside influences. This independence has made it possible for the brand to plan a repair and reuse program. The program will launch this year and enable customers to send back their old Peony products for recycling. By 2020 they hope to reach completely sustainable production processes and be a part of the circular economy by 2022.

We wish them the best of luck!

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