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Born in Seoul, South Korea, Gayeon Lee is one of the most innovative fashion designers of all time. She designs in a way where everything is blended and is more towards the innovative sense. A masters in fashion designing is just a start for her portfolio of excellence. With lots of achievements under her name, she is regarded as the most promising name in the field of creativity.

A Name to Remember

Critiques review suggests that she might actually be one of the most innovative names in the field of fashion designing in the upcoming years. Her brand is popular and like most of the people saying, “It’s not just a Label”. This might actually be right.

An Approach like none other

She combines her skill with experimental results. Unlike most of the traditional designers, she is making something new and good, she is doing great. Her combination of ethnic and modern style with a touch of uniqueness is just a blend that the world needs right now.

London Fashion Week

Her recent designs are popular and to prove that, she is now a part of the most established fashion show of all time. Her recent debut at the London Fashion Week has made everyone stunned. But to be honest, we knew that already.

Textile Girl

While most of the designers are an artist and focuses on the design solely, she is a textile girl as well. She has studied and got a degree in textile and she sure knows how to use it.

A Girl from Korea

gayeon lee aw19, finest fashion site, finestfashionsiteSouth Korea is the last place that someone might expect a designer of her level to come out to. But she not only did, but she also did it in style. After rocking at the London Fashion Week, everybody recognizes her as a global style icon. No wonder she is ‘Not Just a Label’. That’s that. A great designer and a beautiful mind in one holy union. But reading about it won’t make you feel her ideas. Go ahead and try some of her designs. They are completely worth it.

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