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Mother of Pearl is a London-based sustainable and ethical clothing company. Their conscious take on luxury womenswear helps them to stand out in the crowded fashion industry. Mother of Pearl’s motto is ‘we create without compromise’ because they dedicate themselves to designs that merge ethics with style. The brand recently launched a collection called ‘No Frills,’ which is only the beginning of their sustainable journey. This latest collection is part of Creative Director Amy Powney’s vision to deliver on the promise of more conscious clothing. Since 2016, Mother of Pearl has forged a path towards consideration of the environment, transparency, animal welfare, and social responsibility.


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While the womenswear company focuses on changing their own habits, their site provides information for customers to do the same. From proper care instructions to the dangers of synthetic fibers, Mother of Pearl is aiming to educate their audience.

For Summer 2020 only 5% of our fabrics are synthetic and we only use them where absolutely necessary, such as in pleating, and we are working hard to phase them out entirely. – Mother of Pearl Their collections contain mostly natural fibers, including GOTS certified organic cotton, Lyocell, and sustainably sourced viscose. The company sites recycling as a reason for using natural fibers, as they are easier to breakdown and reuse.


Tracing a clothing supply chain can be difficult as the industry is complex, however, Mother of Pearl is committed! The brand lists attributes they connect to each of their garments in order to provide as much transparency as possible. These include techniques that 3D printing, material recycling, and low water consumption. By breaking down their attentiveness to the environment, animals, and people, Mother of Pearl is ensuring a more ethical future.

Animal Welfare


One of the transparent attributes the brand lists is ‘mulesing free.’ Mother of Pearl states that wool is a staple of their collections, however traditional wool is created through harmful processes.

Mulesing is a cruel and painful way of removing a sheep’s skin that has been infested with flies, without using any pain relief or anesthetic. – Mother of Pearl The company believes there are more humane ways of making clothing– without mulesing, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. Mother of Pearl combines their interest in animal welfare with concerns for the environment.

Social Responsibility

Manufacturing for the womenswear brand occurs mostly within Europe. The company boasts close relationships with each one, including frequent factory visits. Through their carefully selected materials, Mother of Pearl is able to promise fair working conditions throughout their supply chain. Although the brand admits it is tricky, they have labels in place to attempt the task of tracing a garment. ‘Traced from Fabric to Final’ and ‘Traced from Field to Final’ explain the information known about each garment. These labels help Mother of Pearl customers to stay up to date on the traceability of their purchases.

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