L.L.Y. Atelier – Crafting From Nature

By: Audrey Stanton

L.L.Y Atelier

L.L.Y. Atelier is an independent jewelry line and production studio based in Montreal. Each piece is handcrafted with precious metals and minerals. Above all, designer Agathe Bodineau comes from a fine arts background and enjoys experimentation. This has led L.L.Y. Atelier to carry a collection of statement pieces with great attention to detail. Consequently, the jewelry line is inspired by nature and organic matter, giving each item its own unique flair.

Silver Shine

L.L.Y. Atelier makes variations of this inverted “U” earrings, though this pair, in particular, is eye-catching. The marble grey jasper stone at the end complements the mirror-polished silver posts, and adds a unique twist. If you’re looking for something more clearly influenced by nature, the Fortune Earrings or Waves Earrings are breathtaking. Certainly lightweight and minimal, yet boldly beautiful!

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Inverted U Earrings
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Fortune Earrings
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Waves Earrings

Gold Glimmer

Above all, L.L.Y. Atelier makes a delicately bold statement with the Molten Metal Hair Tie. Made of solid brass, this piece is a subtle statement piece. Similarly, the U Earrings are another take on this inverted shape with a bit more power. The studs are gold plated brass and safe for those with sensitive ears. To round of the golden trio are the Golden Hoop Earrings. In addition, this dainty pair has organic curves and a mirror polish finish for extra shine!

Molten Metal Hair Tie, lly atelier gold hairpiece accessories, finest fashion site, finestfashionsite, ffs
Molten Metal Hair Tie
U Earrings
Agathe Bodineau
Golden Hoop Earrings













If you want to read more about L.L.Y. Atelier, check out an interview with the creator Agathe Bodienau.

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