KILOMETRE.PARIS – a Next Generation Travel and Fashion Brand

Fashion accessories and clothing take the front seat among the factors when it comes to looking your best in the fashion-obsessed world. And Kilometre.Paris, a well-known sustainable fashion brand, makes it a lot easier than ever before. This is a next-gen travel and fashion brand that supports the local clothing makers for mutual growth. This isn’t just another fashion brand. This is a new way of delivering the perfect appearance for those who love to look their best.

Kilometre Xilitla Mexico Shirt
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The brand and the people behind it have a strong belief that discovering the world is the ultimate luxury. This is why the clothes designed by Kilometre’s local designers are destined for travelers and for those who love life and live it in the true sense. With innovation and creativity at their core, the brand surfs the waves of fashion to travel in unexpected ways and to create what people love to wear.

It all began with the innovation of Alexandra Senes, a reporter and fashion journalist. She loved traveling across the world’s most undiscovered locations. There she wrote, filmed and found the peace of mind in the lap of nature. She doesn’t believe in sitting inside an air-conditioned room and following the latest design trends. But, she believes in traveling around the world. This is how she teams up with the best artists to transform the clothing into illustrations of the destinations she travels.

Alexandra Senes is a comet, a traveler, an artist, a designer and a lot more. She travels around the world and has been creating apparels and sustainable fashion products that make us live an experience. Both fleeting and incredibly lively. From the 1800s to 2020s, her designs are renowned to pay homage to the past and the future. Each apparel or fashion accessory created and launched by Alexandra Senes comes with a travel guide for different destinations that she has traveled.

Kilometre works with local artists across the world to bring Senes’s illustrated travel to-do list to life. The travel kit and guide is filled with all the relevant details to prepare the traveler for their trip ahead. These guides serve as your personal binoculars into the undiscovered treasures of every location. And you get a second skin with each product, so you can protect the items during their travels.


Kilometre All Over The World Bandana
Kilometre All Over The World Bandana

Global existence of Kilometre has led it to produce its clothing range in multiple countries. You have access to hand-embroidered shirts in Mexico and India, Baskets in Morocco, carpets in Fez and a lot more. The brand has teamed up with the best and most skilled artisans around the world to create out-of-the-world sustainable fashion products.

With a deep love for photography and travelling across the world, Alexandra Senes is always launching something unique and different. She is making your journey to the world a never-before experience with something different in your wardrobe. That way you carry the best of the destination you’ve travelled.

Explore the latest collections of Kilometre and get your free travel guide now to start your journey to the undiscovered lands.

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