Key Issues in Fashion Industry


The fashion industry is a big one, where there is a lot to show, choose and buy. Fashion keeps changing every year along with new trends coming. Designers keep experimenting to give best collections to the people all over the world through fashion shows. As long as people remain happy with the designs and colours, they are ready to pay a few extra quids. But they forget, all this bright & shiny stuff comes at a price. That includes harm to the environment, labour woes, tough competition from e-commerce firms. And above all – dumping clothes just after wearing them for a handful of times. Let’s talk about the key issues in the fashion industry, one by one. 


  • Harming the environment

harming the environment
Bangladesh Pollution


Those vibrant colours and designs that keep changing with every season, have a high cost. And that cost is heavy usage of water, harmful chemicals for colouring and wastage of clothes that go to garbage. The whole world is looking at the threat of a shortage of drinking water in the next decade, while people don’t give a thought to it that their fast fashion is the cause of it and one of the biggest reasons behind wastage of water that could have been used for drinking. Add to it, chemicals that harm the soil after they are released from tanneries. 


  • Worker Woes


Rows of garment workers work on a factory floor in Myanmar


There are many famous brands that pay less to their skilled workers and make them work for 12-14 hours a day. This is outrageous as many start suffering from various diseases due to working so hard in tailoring and colouring process, as they remain vulnerable to harmful chemicals which they inhale daily. Breathing problems, nausea, headache and blood pressure are a few to name. This needs to be addressed by providing workers with masks and their pay should be increased.



  • Competition from E-commerce

E-commerce firms like Rêve En Vert, ASOS Green Room, Gather and See, etc. are offering a variety of designer clothes. This saves travel and time and people look for clothes online instead of going to stores, where prices are higher.


  • Fashion Industry Retail Price Inflation

The mall culture has become a bane, as it increases the retail price of having a store in it by 4-5 times. Many times, people are unable to buy their favourite label and brand clothes and end up buying something similar or less catchy from online stores or from the local market. Thus, 50% of clothes in malls remain unsold or get returned, later ending in the dump.


  • Dumping Clothes Due to Fast Fashion

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Another damage caused by fast fashion is dumping clothes after wearing them just a handful of times. Not because there was anything wrong about them, but to show off and remain in the limelight. There is also pressure from society to look cool according to changing fashion trends. Such clothes end up in cupboards and later getting dumped, again a waste of money and resources that were used for making them.


Europe is full of talented people, who with creative thinking and observing peoples choices in fashion, keep coming up with new styles. The issue here is that people are not aware of these new designers and brands, due to which the pieces of many talented designers and their brands remain unsold. This can be changed by creating awareness using online ad campaigns to help such designers sustain competition like established brands and designers.


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