Jeff Garner – King of Natural Dyes and Designer of Prophetik

By: Audrey Stanton

jeff garner prophetik sustainable designer


Jeff Garner is the Tennesse-born designer behind the sustainable fashion brand Prophetik. As someone who grew up surrounded by nature on a horse farm, he developed a deep respect for the earth. Garner’s passion for the environment has merged with his distinctive artistic perspective to create unique women’s fashion. Many know him for romantic designs and innovative dyeing technologies which skip the toxic chemicals found in traditional dyes. Although established in the United States, Garner’s label has dressed celebrity clients all over the western world. This includes Miley Cyrus, eco-activist Livia Firth, and Taylor Swift among others. In addition, he has gained popularity in the United Kingdom and shown at London Fashion Week. His work only continues to grow and influence more individuals to consider the environmental impact of their clothing. We asked him a few questions about his relationship to sustainable fashion:

What was the inspiration or catalyst for the founding of Prophetik?

I wanted to develop a conscious collection in a fashion that resonated deeper than the social ideas of trendy synthetic fashion. At one time the character of an individual was visually defined by one’s costume. Today we change our appearance by the winds of fast fashion and targeted marketing creating an epidemic of character confusion and mixed definitions creating insecurities. My ethos has always been to design items that last and do not harm the planet nor ourselves.

Why is sustainability important to you?

The future of our World will be affected by the trend of fast fashion and synthetic fabrications that were created after the Second World War. No one has tested the synergy of effect on human beings. These carcinogens found in the chemical toxic makeup up these synthetic fabrications and petroleum-based dyes have created disease and negative health implications including breast and prostate cancer. This is the most important factor of why sustainability is important to me.

How do you hold yourself accountable as a conscious designer?

I strive to learn more everyday and perfect solutions for future generations.

What is the fashion project you are most proud of thus far?

I am really proud of the latest collection ‘Women of the Crown’ in which we opened at Edinburgh Castle in collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland using all local Scottish Textiles. I also am proud of our Prophetik documentary from Remastered that won an Emmy this year in Documentary in Art. Film is such a beautiful medium to bring more awareness to the need of natural clothing options for individuals to have a choice.

What is a favorite motto or quote?

My TN [Tennesse] grandfather always told me…”Even a kick in the rear is a step forward.”

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