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Fair Trade in Fashion

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Fair Trade in fashion is a popular movement that advocates the use of organic garments instead of using chemical-based cloths. It is also a market-based approach to improving the lives of farmers and workers, protecting the environment, and delivering quality and safety. It upholds people and the environment as primary elements for survival. This fashion movement aims to reduce poverty levels and promote sustainable development by ensuring a just and transparent supply chain. The practice of fair trade enables the transportation of products from poorer regions into more developed economies.

Following are a few of the many fashion brands that provide Fair Trade products:

Why should people follow this “trend”?

People should follow the popular trend of fair trade for several reasons. It promotes sustainable development, which is vital to human survival. The popular movement uplifts the standards of living of farmers, workers, and women. It protects workers’ rights. Fair Trade also recognizes and protects the cultural identity and traditional skills of small-scale producers. Following the trend helps to create awareness for the environment; organic products lets your body breathe. People should follow and create awareness about the trend, because without it foreign companies would invest in farming and production only in developing countries, with no consideration for environmental sustainability.

What effects does it have on people?

Following the trend of fair trade can have many positive effects on people. It gives you a good feeling that you are improving several lives—the lives of workers, small farmers, and women. You not only improve lives but also contribute to protecting the environment that has been degrading over the past many years. Moreover, organic products keep you healthy, unlike chemically produced products.

Now that you know how fair trade can impact your life as well the lives of the people involved with it, would you not follow this trend? Fair Trade helps you change this world to a better place. Be a part of that change and let us know how you have contributed toward it.

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