Edun – Merging Past and Present

By: Audrey Stanton

Edun is a ready-to-wear and accessories brand passionate about people and the planet. Based in New York City, the company’s creative work starts in the US and is made abroad. The brand partners with various businesses in Africa to create their unique handbags, jewelry, and home goods. The Edun team focuses on social impact, responsible sourcing, and sustainability in order to create their ethical products. 


Social Impact 

Edun’s mission is to create long-term growth opportunities by working closely with artisans, manufacturers, and ‘community-based initiatives’ in Africa. The brand also partners with organizations like Lulea in Kenya, IBABA in Rwanda, and Weavers Worth Enterprise in Kenya. These help ensure that their products have a positive impact on their makers, as well as the continent at large. Each organization harnasses communities’ skills and helps individuals to create a sustainable source of income. 

Africa is now the fastest growing continent and is both resourceful and abundantly creative. As a pioneer in its social mission, it has never felt so relevant for EDUN to explore unique opportunities in the African continent. – Edun In addition to the organizations listed above, the high-end brand works with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. The initiative is based in Burkina Faso operates by the motto ‘Not Charity. Just Work.’ Edun hopes their partnership with the organization will help them to provide empowerment, resources, and opportunities to communities across Africa. 


Edun uses organic, recycled, and upcycled fabric in their various collections. In addition to these materials, the brand sources custom-made fabric and embellishments from Africa. The company believes it is incredibly important to disclose information about how and where they source their materials. Transparency is key. 

The origin of our products, as well as the stories behind them, remains front and center. It is key to reveal where things come from; we believe this approach is beneficial to all. – Edun A concrete way that Edun is committing to transparency is through its partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative. This initiative ensures better treatment for the people and environment involved in cotton production. 



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Edun considers sustainability a core value of their brand. The company works with mills that take care to work with organic, biodegradable, and recycled materials. Also, these mills often prioritize water conservation, solar energy, and reducing the number of pesticides used. 

Being a sustainable-forward company means working with new and evolving materials, challenging traditional ideas but also investing in quality. – Edun The brand has proven this by working with the innovative company Piñatex® which produces a material made from pineapple leaves. The leaves used to produce the plant-based material are by-products of the pineapple harvest. Pinatex saves these pineapple leaves from being burned or discarded and turns them into luxurious vegan leather instead. In this way, Edun is very much part of the future of sustainable fashion. 


Why choose vegan leather?


Every day more than 50 million liters (13 million gallons) of toxic wastewater pour out of local tanneries. Heavy chemicals used to treat leather, like chromium-6, flow into local farming and even drinking water, causing serious environmental and health hazards. Read more here


Thousands of Indian cows are slaughtered each week for their skins. These are completely different cows than we eat. As many as half of these animals will already be dead by the time they arrive in the slaughterhouse, due to the torture that’s been caused to them. Read more here

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