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BOYISH Jeans Mikey Wide Leg Flare
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Boyish Jeans is a denim brand based in Los Angeles, California and infusing sustainability into everything they do. The company draws inspiration from vintage denim styles and updates them for the modern woman.

A huge priority for the brand, along with high-quality products, is providing their products at an attainable price point. The denim brand promises consistent audits to all of its factories and supply chain transparency. While their efforts towards ethical production are admirable, their number one priority continues to be sustainability. These facts below from the company themselves outline the ways Boyish Jeans pushes for a new kind of fashion industry.

 A typical denim brand uses up to 1,800 gallons of water to create one pair of jeans.

Boyish Jeans uses manufacturing machines that can create jeans using just one-third of the usual amount.
By recycling water, this process avoids pollution.


 Boyish Jeans uses reduced indigo (from DyStar) dye which can use 80% fewer sulfates and caustic soda than regular dyes.

This dye does not require extra amounts of dips, which means less energy and water used in the process.


 The wash process of Boyish Jeans uses neutral based cold-water enzymes that require less energy usage.

This occurs because the process does not require warm water and the enzymes are biodegradable.
These eco-friendly chemicals are all BluesignTM approved.


Boyish Jeans uses deadstock fabrics to create its collections and 20% of the brand’s the product consists of these vintage fabrics.

If there are any remaining fabrics not used for jeans the brand recycles them back into industrial use.


Boyish Jeans works with Tonello’s unique All-In-One systems.

This uses vapour water spray to run the machine rather than the typical process of filling the machine with water.


Most denim companies use stone and harsh chemicals to achieve the ‘stone wash’ look.

Instead, Boyish Jeans mixes natural enzymes with Tonello’s All-In-One vapour spray and a nanobubble machine.


When creating a vintage wash, Boyish Jeans does not use what the industry calls PP (potassium permanganate).

The brand replaces PP by spraying a natural enzyme onto the jeans, making the process a lot less environmentally harmful.


Boyish Jeans uses TENCELTM X REFIBRATM Lyocell.

These innovative materials use 30% recycled cotton waste from garment production combined with sustainably sourced wood pulp.
By implementing the TENCELTM closed-loop manufacturing process and reusing cotton scraps.
The two companies are working together to reduce garment waste in landfills.


Instead of using hypo-chloride bleach on their jeans, the brand uses a special machine.

This system takes standard O2 and adds one more molecule of oxygen creating O3 to bleach down the jeans.


Boyish Jeans uses recycled materials for the finishing touches on all products.

Recycled paper produces all brand hangtags, recycled metal creates all buttons and rivets.
In addition, recycled plastic bottles make woven labels within the jeans and all products packaged using 100% compostable poly bags.

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