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Baserange is underpinned by a strong belief that sustainable products should not be a luxury. This philosophy has led to the affordable pricing of the label. Founded in 2012, Baserange is a line of modern basics with an emphasis on clean lines and easy silhouettes. Baserange believes that a commitment to clean production will minimize environmental impact and benefit both the producer and the user.



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They work exclusively with small family based factories. Baserange produces all of their underwear, t-shirts, and sweats in small towns around Porto in Portugal. This area is very near Toulouse, where their company’s head office is based. This enables them to make regular visits and reduce the time, cost and carbon footprint of transporting the garments.

Their woven garments are all produced in a small town called Odemis near Izmir. Odemis sits in one of the richest fertile valleys of Turkey. Here, their supplier produces garments made from only natural fabrics such as silk, linen, and wool.


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In selecting the fabrics, they place a lot of importance on the production process. They consider to what extent this process impacts on the environment, for example, the amount of water used in production and most importantly the chemical used. Working sustainably is very much a process of always doing the best you can and trying to push things in order to get a product as “clean” as possible. When organic certifications or sustainable solutions are not possible, we seek to work transparently and consciously, providing our customers with as much information about the production process in order that they can make an informed decision on their purchase.
Natural fibers such as organic cotton, recycled cotton or wool, natural silk or linen, and bamboo are used at the heart of Baserange’s fabrics.


baserange, finest fashion site, finestfashionsite, ffs, portugal moda sustentável
Baserange uses only OEKO-TEX or GOTS certified dyes. It consumes a lot less water in the dying process and does not utilize any heavy metal dyes or toxic elements that many large garment producers outside of Europe still use.
A big part of Baserange’s product group is raw or ecru (off white). Meaning that there has been no dying or chemical bleaching processes on these products.



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