Avant-garde Fashion: Pavlina Jauss

Avant-garde fashion is an intellectual, artistic and cultural movement characterized by the experimental, the radical and the unorthodox approaches. Many renown fashion designers, who have changed the way people think about fashionable clothes, share this notion. Most importantly, sustainable fashion designer – Pavlina Jauss.


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Pavlina Jauss – Mythology (AW19)



Eminent German fashion designer Pavlina Jauss, the owner of an eponymous sustainable fashion brand, is an expert in Avantgardistic fashion. She says, that avant-garde fashion portrays the culture, texture, and traditions of history. There are endless possibilities of displaying oneself through different types of clothes, that are influenced by different traditions and customs. Pavlinas’ inspiration is European culture and history. She gets her inspiration from historical clothing of the past century. Music too has influenced her a lot.



Becoming a fashion designer


Pavlina Jauss – Mythology (AW19)

avant-garde, avantgardistic, pavlina jauss, sustainable fashion



Pavlina says, that she wanted to express herself in a creative way, after giving birth to her daughter Alessandra. She had this old skill of crafting things with bare hands. Consequently, her love for fashion made her take up studying fashion designing and learn to craft garments the right way. After getting her degree, she spent a lot of time perfecting the new set of fashion-designing skills. She also studied about materials, techniques, different textures and colours, all of which would help her expressing Avantgardistic fashion style.






Pavlina on sustainability


Pavlina Jauss also stands for fair trade and sustainability. She ensures that they make the clothes in an eco-friendly way. She only works with European companies, therefore she can be part of conserving European traditions and cultures. Besides their knitwear, manufactured by a traditional knitting company close to Varna (Bulgaria), all garments are produced in Hamburg, Germany.

Pavlina Jauss has already displayed her avant-garde fashion in London Fashion Week 2019. She is currently at Paris Fashion Week. She is continuing helping people express themselves through avantgardistic fashion.


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