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“Atelier Delphine is for people who live passionately – the unconventional and creative personas. We embrace these sophisticated individuals who go their own way and live their own philosophy. It deeply touches us, moves us forward, and makes us feel alive.”

Los Angeles based designer Yuka Izutsu founded Atelier Delphine in 2011. Since the beginning, she travels the world to connect with artisans and source materials for her production in LA. Other productions include artisan hand made sweaters in Peru and found fabric items from journeys in India.


Source of Inspiration and Materials for Atelier Delphine

One of the reasons Atelier Delphine exists is to seek authenticity. “I use fabrics from Japan, Canada, Spain, Mexico, and the United States,” explains Yuka, adding that her quest for unique materials has sparked an insatiable appetite for travel. In other words, she describes her newbie label as “Southern California meets sixties European vacation style”.

“Why am I traveling? To know and to be pure and real. Through backpacking and traveling in the developing world, I am moved and deeply touched by the hearts of people. As a result, the artisans I work with help inspire me to be my true self with their courage, genuineness, and authentic lives. Faced with today’s global social issues, cross-cultural challenges, and historical footprints, I decided I wanted to do something to contribute to creating a better world. Could I find light in the hidden parts of the world and share the authenticity I experience to inspire and make a difference?”

Yuka is also a believer in the slow fashion movement. In other words, they create every garment with care to the highest standard of quality. She believes in using only high-quality materials for naturally high performance that delivers clothing’s longevity.

Perfect for sun-drenched morning walks and candle-lit evenings, Atelier Delphine is made for curling up, settling in, and celebrating leisure.

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