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Created on the foundation of kindness, values and love, Angela Roi is an ethical luxury handbag brand in New York. Guided by Angela’s vision of modern classic designs and under Roi’s innovative approach for carving a niche for the brand, this young and cherished brand has thrived since 2013. Brought to existence for reasons close to the co-founders’ hearts and through the channel they felt vehemently towards: Bringing virtue to the world with the splendor of fashion.

Angela Roi believes that the goodness of people has the caliber to alter the globe for the better.

Why choose vegan leather?


Every day more than 50 million liters (13 million gallons) of toxic wastewater pour out of leather tanneries. Heavy chemicals used to treat leather, like chromium-6, flow into local farming and even drinking water, causing serious environmental and health hazards. Read more here


Thousands of Indian cows are slaughtered each week for their skins. These are completely different cows than we eat. As many as half of these animals will already be dead by the time they arrive in the slaughterhouse, due to the torture that’s been caused to them. Read more here


What makes a handbag high quality?

Soft yet durable materials that last long

Their handbags are exquisitely designed and attentively crafted by proficient artisans, using EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather), durable thread, and quality fabric. They process the poly material multiple times in order to attain the softness and smooth texture. They use gold plated hardware to acquire the most elegant look. As well as high-quality zipper closures and magnetic snap-button closures to keep safe your treasured possessions.

Handcrafted with impeccable details

Time and effort that go into designing and creating one handbag is anything but minuscule. Every handbag starts with a hand-sketched idea by Angela and the design team in New York. With the use of modern technology and CAD (3D software) for pattern and sample designing, a handbag starts to take form. They construct a handbag by delicately stitching it piece by piece. It takes about four months to design a new product and another four for sampling. They test all products for at least a month to observe the versatility and performance. As a result, the handbags are a premium modern take on the classics and reach designer quality.

Skilled artisans with experience

Their handbags are a refined result of delicate detailing for months, careful creation and marvelous craftsmanship by skilled artisans and reliable factories in Korea. With their expertise and hard work, the handbags achieve the perfect look, luxury feel and designer quality.


What makes a fashion brand ethical?

No child labor, fair wages, great work environment

They pay special attention to the fair practice setting. They strive for a great work environment and fair wage. At Angela Roi, they firmly stand against child labor. To ensure all of these criteria are met at the factories, their correspondents visit them quarterly to inspect the conditions. Angela Roi aims to create a different kind of luxury.

Only using animal-friendly materials

Their love for animals and passion for fashion fueled the idea of chic but vegan handbags. They believed that there is no need for fashion to be cruel, and created one of the most premium vegan handbag brands. They only use non-animal materials to craft the handbags. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) approved that they are a 100% vegan brand.

Giving back to support animals

Angela Roi proudly supports mistreated animals with their donations to local shelters and charities. In the quest of making the world a kinder place for animals, they will continue supporting humane shelters which help animals with rehabilitation, emergency care, and food supplies. Angela Roi will keep working to convey that fashion doesn’t depend on cruelty.


See how the bags are made yourself!


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