A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty

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A Peace Treaty, founded by Dana Arbib, sees itself as champions for slow fashion and preservationists of centuries-old techniques. So far, they have worked with artisan groups across ten countries to produce their exclusive collections. Their custom handmade pieces embrace rich color and print, are lively and bold, soft and luxurious. Each textile and pattern is developed in-house and is unique and faithful to its origins.

They have worked with artisans from:

  • Afghanistan

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A Peace Treaty (APT) worked with a collective of widowed women in Kabul who are working to rebuild their independence, gain literacy skills, and garner viable incomes. As a result, using their cultural traditions, they hand embroider exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Ecuador
In the Cotacachi region of the northern Andes, artisans have been making patchwork leather shawls out of scraps for generations. Therefore, in this small mountain town, APT collaborated with a cooperative that preserves this tradition.
  • Bolivia
The Aymara and Quechua people of the Altiplano and Andes regions of Bolivia and Peru depend upon Alpaca farming and products for their livelihood. Consequently APT worked with a women’s knitting cooperative that employs artisans from these indigenous groups.
  • India

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APT works to elevate the status and recognition of artisans throughout India. For example, silk and cotton textiles are handmade on wooden looms. APT collaborates with artisans across India to produce their garments, silkscreen and block-print their scarves.
  • Peru
APT works with knitting and crochet cooperatives across Peru that employ artisans to create sustainable alpaca knits and cotton crochet garments.
  • Pakistan
APT sought out an exceptional block printer who prints on silk, consequently helping him train and empower teenagers from the slums with his ancient techniques.
  • Colorado, USA

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APT collaborated with a family silk painting business based out of Colorado. Artisans hand paint unique, abstract designs onto silk in a palette of colors reflective of the Rocky Mountains where the pieces originate.
  • Turkey
APT discovered a Kurdish metal-smithing workshop in Istanbul specializing in ornamental Ottoman techniques – as a result, they made their first-ever jewelry collection.
  • Nepal
They work with master weavers and knitters in the Himalayan foothills to loom their fabrics using wools and cashmere to produce scarves and their woven and knitted garments.
  • Bangladesh

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Once serving as the center of the Silk Road and textile trade, Bangladesh has a deep and rich history of weaving. Therefore APT traveled to villages in the Tangal region of Bangladesh to uncover the ancient and intricate jamdani weaving technique.

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