5 Fabulous Outfits for Business Owners

Business owners don‘t run their business– they live it. They are social and economic backbones of our communities, creating jobs and serving as role models with their can do“ attitude.

Own Businesses make our daily lives more vibrant because they are happy making others happy. With their ideas and ideals, they bring new services, offers, light or even perspectives to our neighbourhoods.

The first Own Business Day took place on Tuesday 11th October 2016 with close to 20.000 taking part Own Businesses and over 20.000 special offers in over 20 countries. The second Own Business Day 10th October 2017 was already 5 times bigger with 24 taking part countries and incredible 103.074 specials.

Own Business Day is celebrated every year on the second Tuesday of October. Tuesday was chosen for a number of reasons: For most Own Businesses it is not yet a strong business day, additionally, in most countries, the day is free of national and bank holidays. (Original Source: Own Business Day)

To celebrate this day, wear one of these amazing outfits:

1.The Long Cardigan

The Long Cardigan is an easy piece to throw on and make a simple outfit feel stylish. Wear it to work over a simple dress, or on the weekends over jeans and a t-shirt. The Long Cardigan can also be buttoned up and worn as a sweater dress. It can be worn with the buttons in front or back, and it comes with a belt to cinch the waist. We love this for those cooler in-between months, or for layering in colder seasons! 

The Long Cardigan
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The Long Cardigan    The Long Cardigan   

















2. The Boxy Blouse

The Boxy Blouse is a perfect breezy top that makes every outfit in your capsule wardrobe look effortless. With our washable linen/Tencel blend fabric, you get all of the breathability of linen with none of the crunch (it’s super soft). The blouse is convertible, so you can wear it with the buttons in front or in back. We also love it tied in the front, with high waisted pants!

The Boxy Blouse
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The Boxy Blouse     The Boxy Blouse






















3. The Relaxed Tunic

      The Relaxed Tunic is the perfect companion for everything from weekend lounging to date night. Button up the sides, and this tunic becomes a dress! Wear the V-neck in front or back. Made from a washable linen/Tencel blend, this textured fabric is breathable and super soft. The lighter coloured fabric is great to wear as a dress with nude undergarments. The tunic will be your capsule wardrobe’s best friend.

The Relaxed Tunic
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     The Relaxed Tunic  The Relaxed Tunic



















4. The Tapered Pant

The Tapered Pants are the linen pants of your dreams. They’re made from a washable linen that’s blended with Tencel to create the ultimate breathable and soft fabric. There are pockets in front and back, and an elastic waist to make these pants both functional and comfortable. We love that these pants are slim fitting and high waisted, so you can pair them with flowy or cropped tops! We know they will fill a void in many capsule wardrobes out there.

The Tapered Pant
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   The Tapered Pant The Tapered Pant


















5. The Two Piece Midi Dress

This skirt/dress combo raises the bar on class and comfort. Made from super-soft signature Tencel, you can wear it as a dress with the buttons in front or in back, and with or without the sash belt. You can also button the top off entirely and wear the skirt alone, either with the buttons in the front or on the side. And as a bonus, the top buttons onto our Button Fly Culottes to create a luxe jumpsuit!

The Two Piece Midi Dress
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The Two Piece Midi Dress  The Two Piece Midi Dress



















VETTA, a capsule wardrobe retailer, creates minimalist clothing for everyday wear. Established in 2016, the brand focuses on classic pieces with modern twists for each of their collections. All of their products arrive at customers’ doors through a thoughtful process. VETTA co-founder, a Parsons School of Design graduate, describes the brand perfectly here:

Everything needs to be current but also timeless, essential but also interesting, and something that could be worn from work to weekend.–Cara Bartlett via Business Insider 

Read more about VETTA.


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