For Future’s Sake

Finest Fashion Site spread its wings as a privately held social media company in 2018. It started off as a promoter for designers who didn’t just want to create fashion, but also bring social, ethical and environmental aspects into their design.

Our goal from day one has been raising awareness about the disastrous impacts of conventional and fast fashion to the environment, while also providing solutions to our readers and recommending sustainable brands that fight against those issues.

From the very beginning we’ve had the opportunity to do many amazing collaborations with different designers. The most notable one was an event we organized during Startup Week Tallinn 2019 “Can Fashion Be Sustainable?“, featuring the goddess of sustainability in Estonia – Reet Aus and aspiring rising star – Margot Vaaderpass. The event got a lot of positive feedback and got published in various sites like Portail and Tallinn Design House.

Since then we have been inspired to make an even bigger impact. We partnered up with a Finnish entrepreneur to develop and spread the message of sustainability to even wider horizons in a more effective way. Thus For Future’s Sake was born.

As of right now we’re developing the fresh and new platform.

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